Official : Press Release by Xentity Subcontractor CARTO and Vizzuality

Next Generation Responsive Dashboard Helps the New York City Mayor’s Office Improve the State of the City


Powered by CARTO, a leading technology for location intelligence and data mapping, Vizzuality has announced completion of the next iteration of the New York City Mayor’s Office real time dashboard. The dashboard, which is designed to help the Mayor’s team take a live pulse of the city, makes it easy to grasp the thematic, temporal and spatial variations in the city’s datasets, allowing for active understanding and rapid decision-making.

The world’s largest cities are complex organisms requiring careful management informed by real insight. The huge amount of data and information being generated within cities demands governing bodies, such as the New York City Mayor’s Office. To remain vigilant and informed by making use of cutting edge tools that help decision makers understand and act on situations as they transpire.

Vizzuality, a leader in innovative and cutting edge data design has announced the completion of a new dashboard for the New York City Mayor’s Office. The dashboard is designed to assist City Hall staff take quick, accurate, and well informed decisions by making it easy to grasp the thematic, temporal and spatial dimensions in the city’s data. The data is explored through a series of individual indicators, which allow for versatility in prioritization and organization. Datasets come from various sources across government agencies including the NYPD, Department of Transportation, and the city’s central data platform. These numerous indicators provide high level overviews across multiple sectors, while also allowing for specific areas of interest.

“Using location intelligence platforms enables the Mayor’s Operations Office to generate actionable dashboards to manage NYC more efficiently and offer a better service to our citizens”

  • James Perazzo, NYC Mayor’s Operations Office

Included in the dashboard is a myriad of features such as the option to set up notifications at various indicator thresholds. Also, the ability to click and send indicators to other city officials instantaneously. Temporal trends are now easily accessible in each individual performance indicator and include graphs for both city and district/borough level. These features enable officials to understand and share insight quickly. Citizens of New York are positioned to benefit from these improvements as the city identifies and acts on important situations in specific parts of the city as they happen.

The city’s data is collated in almost real time by the CARTO powered back-end and geospatial database. State of the art synchronization capabilities sync data directly into CARTO, which then associates the geospatial database directly with the front end application. This allows for fast performance, ease of implementation and data maintenance.