American Dental Association

Order Summary

The American Dental Association is an Illinois nonprofit corporation that required a variety of GIS tasks. These tasks included:

  • Designed ADA Fundations Map
  • Developed Action for Dental Health Map
  • Dental Practice Pilot
  • Survey Tool ETL to CARTO

Xentity provided their design services for this project, which sought our help in transformative efforts for greater efficiency.

Problem and Solution

ADA required a GKAS digital map that could update data for ambassadors; add additional contact information for name, credentials and email addresses; and make a map similar to the one here to be embedded on the other webpage. GKAS locations and geocode records also needed to be updated. Furthermore, ADA foundation required changes. Namely, the creation of a CSV to associate the states to a corresponding territory and pdf; update queries to show territories by color coded regions; clicking on territories must be able to download the related PDFs; the left menu required updating to show a single radio for the reports; and the text below the map also required updating.

For starters, Xentity worked to provide a few general features to complete these requirements. Specifically, an interactive CartoDB Map, filters and display setting options, various indicators showing statistical information, the ability to share, link and export, and make it browser and tablet friendly. Xentity also provided data management that helped handle all aspects of the data, including exporting data from source systems and loading into CartoDB in the correct format that will be compatible to answer the required questions. Furthermore, we worked with datasets involving hospitals, ADA dentists, clinics and medical facilities and more.

Outcome and Benefit

We stored ADA data on dedicated servers. Cloud services were provided in accordance with best industry practices. The cloud service also had the ability to handle significantly high volumes of expansion in capacity without encountering degradation, whether anticipated or not. Consequently,this means the ADA can operate without worrying about cloud storage. Furthermore, we encrypted the data in transition and in storage, avoiding compromising ADA data.