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The DOI is seeking requirements validation and support for ArcGIS Online (AGOL), ArcGIS Pro, and data collection and display requirements using AGOL “out of the box” capabilities and ArcGIS Pro for the next 8 to 12 months. Primary services will be in supporting Bilateral Infrastructure Legislation (BIL) activities for the Orphaned Wells Program reporting requirements which will also include a public facing map / dashboard that satisfies reporting requirements. Services will also be provided supporting review of activities for Abandoned Mines funding under the Bilateral Infrastructure Legislation (BIL).

Problem and Solution

The DOI required assistance in first understanding current data collection for Orphaned Wells, then identifying data elements for reporting and a public facing application in support of BIL reporting activities. Furthermore, they required support in the aforementioned support for AGOL, ArcGIS Pro, and data collection and display requirements using AGOL.

Xentity began by providing AGOL App and widget configuration development. They interpreted and derived needs into requirements for AGOL dashboards, story maps, and ArcGIS Pro. Xentity worked to configure, build and update all of these with UI/UX configuration. Xentity also provided data configuration and implementation. This mainly included basic data loading such as creating a geospatial feature layer and service from a MS SQL database, loading supporting data into AGOL services and accessing existing services. Finally, they provided AGOL configuration and implementation support. This entailed the configuration of existing AGOL environments for specific DOI Apps requiring basic AGOL administration skills to support private and public facing Dashboards, Story Maps, and Basic Apps.

Outcome and Benefit

Through these efforts Xentity will accoomplish a variety of tasks. After highlighting a few best practices for DOI, we will define data requirements and design databases for data configuration while developing a new workflow for the sake of efficiency. Also, we will publish data that is available and formatted. Furthermore, we will configure and set up AGOL areas and ArcHub where necessary while confirming and validating access requirements for DOI members. Finally, to ensure the DOI could hit the ground running, we will help support testing and deploying accounts.