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In 2015, Xentity was hired by First Data to provide architecture and geospatial analyst support for the geospatial data architecture modernization of the Get Covered Illinois Program (GCI).  First Data was contracted as the prime contractor for the development and operations of the State of Illinois’ Health Insurance Exchange. Xentity was brought aboard to develop and analyze stakeholder geospatial requirements; build geospatial databases; merge geospatial data assets; establish toolsets for various operations; and develop an enterprise data warehouse. Xentity strove to understand people eligible for this program through mapping and web analytics. This would increase outreach and exchange marketing efforts.

Specialized Assistance In Geospatial Analysis

In developing and operating the State of Illinois’ Health Insurance Exchange, First Data required assistance in architecture and geospatial analysis support to execute a geospatial data architecture modernization of the GCI program. Without the use of geospatial data architecture, the GCI program lacked the ability to do proper outreach and marketing efforts. This is because we lack data on who is eligible for this program and who has not enrolled yet. Consequently, through mapping and web analytics, the GCI program could better comprehend which areas lacked large amounts of enrollments. Also, the State would know where to concentrate their outreach and marketing efforts.

In detail, Xentity integrated and analyzed stakeholder geospatial requirements from marketing, exchange use and operations perspectives.  We then built the GeoDatabase and merged data into existing BI/analytics Visualizations. Xentity then established the toolsets for data analytics, business intelligence, and geospatial dashboards. We also created visualizations for internal use by officials managing integration of geospatial dimensions. These were for analysis on top of the healthcare marketplace. The Xentity team also delivered a geospatial data dashboard for the outreach team. The goal was to find target areas using census and Medicare data. Finally, an app that compares demographics of age and wage with numbers of underinsured. Consequently, this produces focus geographies and market types for outreach efficiency. All of this was to aid the GCI program in their outreach attempts to people currently unenrolled in the program.

Better Outreach Efforts

As a result of Xentity’s efforts, GCI now has over 17 mapping workflows that analyze scenarios. This includes mapping the number of people eligible by geographic area and enrollment statistics. This solution enabled the outreach and related marketing efforts to be more targeted, which improved the enrollment ratio. With outreach efforts more targeted, based on eligibility by area and who has enrolled and who has not, GCI was able to move forward with the express goal to continue to increase enrollment rates in the state of Illinois.