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There are significant roles web and desktop applications play providing important information to the agency users and programs, stakeholders, and the public. The Oregon/Washington office of the Bureau of Land Management understood this, and as such, sought improvement in this field via development and maintenance.

Problem and Solution

BLM OR/WA sought development and maintenance for two major roles:

  • GIS Web Application Analyst supporting GIS and Remote Sensing on Python tools (Geo/Non-Geo), geoprocessing services, and also Web GIS tools and applications. 
  • GIS Application Developer to support the GIS Apps/Tools team on ArcMap ArcPro migration and GIS Web apps and tools.

To complete this task, ongoing modernization such as ArcGIS Pro Migration and Python Migration were required. Also, efficiency improvements in tools, applications and data management flows. Furthermore, they required the provision of concierge style customer support for non-technical and technical users. Finally, they required expertise across current USFS, BLM, USGS collaboration efforts in automating cartographic product generation, service hosting, ArcGIS Pro transition, and our deep Natural Resource experience. Xentity provided support in app development, data management, user support, modernization support and Portfolio O & M.

Outcome and Benefits

Our app development supported the migration from legacy ArcMap to new ArcGIS Pro-based solutions in analytics, models, visualization and AGOL integrations. Also, our data lifecycle management helped create and automate recurring processes. Furthermore, our modernization efforts helped upgrade software, applications and systems where needed, improving efficiency. Finally, our operations and maintenance helped maintain the data flow, processes, solutions, and technical requirements.