Department of Transportation


The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has achieved significant progress in improving the state of transportation statistics. Through its collaborations with USDOT’s modal administrations and their data and statistics programs combined with its own data collection, data management, and statistical interpretation and analysis programs, BTS is the preeminent source for objective, accurate, timely, and credible sources of transportation statistics. In supporting BTS Data Analytical Support Services (DASS), we are supporting Impact of Emerging Technology on the Means of Transport and in addressing changes in society, markets, and data availability.

In support of BTS DASS, some tasks require Quick Response to Analysis, Data and Information Requests. This may include rapid workshops, presentations to industry and executives, or direct support of specific challenges such as changes due to COVID impact on transportation and trade. A task we are supporting is a brainstorming session with support of our National Transportation Subject Matter experts for the Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (VIUS).

Problem and Solution

The VIUS has been the principal data source on the physical and operational characteristics of the United States vehicle population since its inception in 1963. At the time it was under a previous name, Truck Inventory and Use Survey (TIUS). Its primary goal is to understand nationally and statewide how vehicles are  utilized for various goods transport. The 2021 VIUS is the first VIUS to be conducted in nearly 20 years. 

The BTS has brought back this important data collection. Consequently, the next step is to ensure that the consecutive VIUS data collections are relevant, timely, and serving data users and the public. To inform the next VIUS data collection, BTS needs to engage with National Expert Transportation Specialists and National Expert Statisticians. All of whom have expert knowledge in VIUS and freight.

Outcome and Benefit

Our National Experts provided inputs on the characteristics and uses of vehicle fleets and their specific data needs. These efforts assisted and informed the direction of next VIUS and guide future workshops. Xentity participated in brainstorming discussions with BTS management and other National Experts by National Expert Transportation Specialists. This informed the next VIUS data collection. These efforts allowed VIUS data collections to be relevant and timely. Both of which are two very important factors in the creation of data collections.