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Global business, financial information and news leader Bloomberg gives influential decision makers a critical edge. This edge connects them to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. Furthermore, the company’s biggest strength is delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology in a quick and accurate fashion. Bloomberg’s enterprise solutions build on the idea of leveraging technology. The goal being to allow customers to access, integrate, distribute and manage data and information more efficiently and effectively. As a result, Xentity supported CARTO as a UI developer to maintain the branch that Bloomberg used for their integration.

Problem and Solution

As a longtime proponent of open source technologies, our developers are also significant contributors to many projects. This includes Apache Solr/Lucene, Apache Hadoop and OpenStack. Also, we publish many of our own projects on GitHub. In 2016, Bloomberg wanted to enhance its use of CARTO. CARTO is an open source data geospatial visualization engine of which Xentity is a partner service solution provider.

Xentity, in support of direct reach-back by CARTO, provided resiliency and innovation CARTO enhancement and extension support, much of which the results can be seen and used at: This included improving Map libraries, improving usability features (e.g. flagging, tooltips), and improving advanced filters by shape, uploaded data, drawing, time, facets, and other filter controls.

Outcome and Benefit

Through the innovations provided to CARTO, Bloomberg was provided an enhanced use of the tool. Consequently, this will help them in their mission to deliver data, news and analytics through innovative technology quickly and accurately.