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The Department of Interior–particularly, the Bureau of Land Management–relies on effective, efficient, timely, accurate, quickly evolving, and readily accessible information technology solutions to effectively deliver its mission, to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of the public lands, for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Information Technology is a key resource, management controlled, and often CPIC controlled in order to effectively manage scarce government resources. Xentity supported DOI’s end user support integrated project team to develop a strategic roadmap for ITSM across DOI.

Problem and Solution

To support the aforementioned mission and help the agency achieve the goals and objectives of operating Information Technology efficiently and effectively, real time assessments occur periodically, and harmonizing the use of these critical IT resources are periodically continually to harmonize systems, resources and processes. Also, analysis of existing data, internal and external surveys, professional analysis of operating systems and standards, protocols, engineered processes. The DOI and BLM required help in review of processes and standards in use by DOI and the provision of professional process analysis services. 

Xentity provided:

  • ITSM Technology Analysis
  • Technology Advisory Services
  • Tactical Management Planning
  • Business and Financial Analysis

The support is critical for DOI to achieve its vision of providing efficient, effective, and economical administrative business services for the Department of the Interior and other customers. 

Outcome and Benefit

Xentity’s efforts promoted and provided sound business solutions. Our efforts also helped deliver reliable processes and technology solutions. As a result, BLM IT systems are consistently available and function as designed. They are also interoperable to the maximum extent possible. In other words, they work efficiently together and do not negatively affect one another.