Providing Geospatial Data Products and Professional Services Support

The Organization: Center for Disease Control

 The CDC is a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services. It is headquartered in Atlanta Metro Area. Its main goal is to protect public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability. Furthermore, the CDC ATSDR’s Geospatial Research, Analysis, & Services Program (GRASP) is on the forefront of the use of spatial analysis tools for public health applications.

Scientists in the program use US Census data, health outcome data, commercial vendor-supplied data, and contaminant data collected by State and Federal agencies and their contractors to address public health related issues related to potential exposure to hazardous substances in the environment. GRASP also provides GIS support to the CDC Emergency Operations Center and is responsible for staffing field teams and assisting in the operation of field investigations. Since the fall of 2001, the GRASP has been providing GIS support to emergency operations at CDC.

The Problem and Solution: Sourcing Geospatial Data to support analysis

GRASP wanted use the Tom Tom Enterprise GIS Data Product within GRASP map products, web-based applications, and analysis projects to support public health objectives in the areas of environmental exposure analysis, chronic and infectious disease surveillance, tracking, and reporting, and emergency preparedness & response. Xentity has a excellent partnership with TomTom and was able to provide the GIS data product requirements. We also provided packaged data preparation support services to significantly enhance GRASP’s ability to develop final products. This also included maps, analytic reports, and indices on a variety of public health topics.

The Outcomes: Ongoing Support, and data integrated

CDC has continued to integrate this solution for multiple years and continues to seek Xentity support to execute this service.

Updates – CDC GRASP TomTom, 2021-2022

Xentity continued to provide CDC GRASP TomTom Data Geospatial Products, Support and Data Transformation Professional Services to support CDC ATSDR’s Geospatial Research, Analysis, & Services Program (GRASP)