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Conducted Risk Management and Geospatial System Analysis for protecting lives

The Organization: Intrawest

Xentity’s partner projekt202 has been supporting Intrawest by conducting risk management and geospatial system analysis.

The Problem and Solution: Provide Alternative Solutions for an aging geospatial risk profile infrastructure

Intrawest is a developer and operator of destination resorts and a luxury adventure travel company, headquartered in Denver, CO with over 13,000 employees. They also operate the largest heli-skiing operation in the world. One of their heli-skiing areas in Canada is the size of Colorado. Try to picture the challenge to reduce risk profiles in adventure travel in a region that large. The systems in place have amazing modeling capabilities, but were on technologies that needed to be replaced. These systems helped integrate data and create profiles on risks such as avalanche. Every day this data and system was used by pilots and guides to determine risk. At its core, these systems supports guiding the community as a Decision Support and Risk Management System.

During a 2-3 month collaborative process Xentity performed an architectural assessment of the as-is and planned goals.  Xentity developed high level requirements enough to help form various concepts of operations. This included how to work with the overall Canadian community, other efforts, different technology models, and varying ways to implement. Xentiy facilitated workshops in Denver and in Canada documenting the decisions and final recommendations.

The Outcomes: Clear budgeted plan of action and technology options

Xentity not only provided additional ways to take advantage of new data sources in geospatial sensors, integrations, and technologies that would meet the needs, but was able to provide a solution providing clear stakeholder context for various operating models to help improve the observation collections, treatment, reporting and review cycles to improve risk mitigation. The Operating model provided included capital and operating costs on-going for the first year and total cost of ownership over a longer period. Ultimately, Intrawest had the information they needed to move forward and continue to provide the safest experience possible for guests in a potentially dangerous environment.