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The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) seeks to obtain digital services to continue development and implementation of a portfolio of three public data products, known collectively as the Environmental Justice Information Services (the EJIS). These products are: the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool (CEJST), the Environmental Justice (EJ) Scorecard (the Scorecard), and ( or the EJ Website).

Problem and Solution

CEQ required assistance in first migrating content from the current static site, to ( or EJ Website) and to launch the site by December 2023. Afterwards, assistance is needed in updating the CEJST, EJ Website and EJ Scorecard. This is to address additional indicators for the 2024 methodology, major defined roadmap UI improvements, content and UX improvements, and minor improvements.

First, Xentity will provide configuration setup. Next, they will provide content migration to the new domain/static site development. Afterwards, Xentity will provide UI enhancements. Furthermore, they will provide data updates for census boundaries. Next, they will build a pipeline refractor for ETL use. Finally, the EJ Scorecard feature will be updated. 

Outcome and Benefit

The new site Xentity provided content migration to will have a well designed UI/UX with simpler navigation and compelling content throughout the site. The provided UI Enhancements add the ability to select and interact with multiple census blocks at once. Also, an updated interactive mapping application. Pipeline enhancements ensure they can support ETL functions for new datasets, transformation updates, and new indicators. Any new/updated data sources will be incorporated in a straightforward manner that can satisfy any structural constraint of the pipeline. Finally, EJ Scorecard content will be updated to reflect any changes to the various agencies’ use of EJ data.