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Xentity has provided support to the USDA Forest Service Geospatial and Application Center (GTAC) and the agency as a whole under the National Forest Service Geospatial Services Contract. We understand the role the center plays to the Geospatial Management Office (GMO) and to the agency from a technical perspective through geospatial and remote sensing support services including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Mobile GIS, cartography, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), as well as other geospatial sciences.

Xentity understands this task order consists of 3 technical evaluations related to new and emerging geospatial technologies. These evaluations are intended to be at a high level and limited to smaller stretches of time. The full scope of these evaluations have not been specified. However, the nature of the work will involve geospatial technology with the potential to provide substantial benefits to GTAC and the Forest Service. Prior work of this nature has focused on providing workflows using solutions outside of the agency to deliver greater benefits to the agency. In addition to the 3 initial evaluations optional support activities are also available if chosen.

Problem and Solution

The scope of services include research and evaluation of new technologies, applications, workflows, and more. All of which may be of value or significance to the agency. This task involves researching different focuses as identified and assigned by the Forest Service and includes reports on information and findings from researching these technologies and what benefits they may offer.

Based on Xentity’s current and prior support of different program areas at GTAC, we understand the role the center provides to the agency. We do this through evaluating new technologies, delivering project demonstrations, and sharing the transfer of technology between partners and stakeholders. This work is performed in an effort to improve business workflows and evaluate new technologies and solutions for the agency. Technical evaluations play a key role in this effort. They form the basis for insightful decision making based on trade-offs and situations involving  when to use these applications and where they may be beneficial.

Xentity is prepared to provide the requested geospatial technical evaluation in support of the Contracting Officer Representative (COR). This work will involve evaluations of emerging geospatial technology related to equipment, software, data methods, applications, and relevant workflows. Furthermore, evaluations will include tools and workflows to assist agency staff geospatial data and enhance current operations. Each project will include an initial scoping document followed by a technical review and evaluation. This involves using a combination of research along with in-person testing and use.

Xentity partook in the following:

  • Conduct three GIS technology evaluation for 3 projects 
  • Perform investigation including hands-on work and research
  • Review findings with USFS staff 
  • Document findings in final brief for each technology
  • Prepare final report highlighting key findings
  • Provide presentation of briefing if requested

Outcome and Benefits

Besides assisting USFS staff in performing their work, Xentity recommended new approaches to augment the use of geospatial data and enhance current operations to support USFS business requirements. Each technical evaluation will focus on increasing USFS understanding of GIS capabilities, identifying limitations, and informing future technology investment decisions. The technology evaluations will be conducted using a combination of research and a hand-on approach.