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Designed an NSDI for a young democracy in Indonesia

The Organization: Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia (BIG, formerly Bakosurtanal)

Geospatial Information Agency (abbreviated BIG), previously named Coordinating Agency for Surveys and Mapping (abbreviated Bakosurtanal), is a government agency for Indonesia in charge of carrying out duties in the information field of geospatial.

The Problem and Solution:

BIG is looking to establish a full National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and sought out best practices from other nations. In 2009, Xentity staff services helped perform the strategic analysis for governance, thematic analysis and prioritization, planning and value chain process, platform recommendations, use cases, system architecture, trained and provided standards, documented requirements, provided knowledge management, training, communications recommendations.

The Outcomes: Initial Geospatial Data Portal Launched and Program Maturing

BIG launched an ESRI-based portal called “One Map” to help with information discovery, services. Also, the design of the portal had the idea of the processes and governance. It focuses on data integration before posting to the portal to increase data value and re-use.