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FS MGM wants to standardize, inventory, and compile geo info across the National FS System lands. The key to this is making data and its maps, production, reporting info, and key components of Forest Land revision available to stakeholders who need to use the tools in a simple, intuitive way. 

Problem and Solution

As a non-IT task, MGM wants to make data available in web tools such as AGOL so external partners and FS can find, access, integrate, and re-use data in an easy to use data sharing environment. MGM wants to create a Hub/Portal, Dashboards, and Reporting solution in ESRI AGOL as part of achieving this goal.

Xentity accomplished the following:

  1. Develop an Online MGM-Wide Mapping Hub/Portal and associated ArcGIS Online Products to Share GIS Information with MGM Staff. 
  2. Develop an online GIS Dashboard Framework and Products to Provide MGM Accomplishments Reporting 
  3. Make MGM Geospatial Data available for Forest Planning Activities 

Outcome and Benefit

Our AGOL-based app development helped easily integrate with the agency’s AGOL data. We also used Esri’s Web AppBuilder for App Configuration for visualization customization. Hub setup and configuration helped support a simple entry point for users to access and discover apps, maps, services, dashboards, reports and documentation. This all helped to ensure app access.

The development of an online GIS dashboard helped to report data and highlight important indicators for users. This also involved creating web applications and maps, dashboards, and StoryMaps for usage. Informative apps and graphics were produced with project and program data. They were also produced with dashboard product standards and best practices. Ultimately, we created apps to share and disseminate information with project teams and the public. Furthermore, we provided an interface allowing users to filter and query project data and dashboards to display standardized data for reporting project and program accomplishments.

Finally, through making MGM geospatial data available for forest planning activities, data is now being managed and coordinated via aforementioned AGOL products.