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Applications in Various States in Need of Help

Currently, the National Information Service Center (NISC) has several existing and planned local and cloud hosted software applications. They provide web mapping, data management, data asset management, integrated library systems, and information management functions for customers within the National Park Service (NPS). These applications are in various states of design, development, implementation, and maintenance, with frequent releases that the NISC is responsible for developing, maintaining, and administering. Xentity was contracted to perform services consistent with agency and federal goals of enterprise, shared-solution, and service based approaches to information technology. This may include consolidation and/or integration of systems, development of interfaces with other systems/services, and expansion of the system to support other program areas. Also to potentially support data and requirements from other systems.

App Development Projects in Need of Software Application Development

The NISC has a number of application development projects that require expert-level software application development. This development supports park, regional, and program based customers within the NPS. NPS uses an agile-based, hybrid, project management approach that focuses on the understanding, capture, and documentation of business processes and associated requirements prior-to and during application development activities.

Xentity will provide senior level software application development services for NISC systems. For starters, we are working to recommend and provide an application design. We are assisting the team with requirements interpretation, current supported technology stack, solutions architecture, and software engineering practices. Also, other industry-standard methods to designing software applications. Furthermore, we are working with the NPS software engineering team to apply this knowledge. This will subsequently deliver application design recommendations (including architecture and workflow diagrams, mockups, wireframes, and other needed documentation). This will require submittal to the government for approval. 

Xentity is also providing web application and design maintenance. We are providing full software lifecycle development and support consistent with industry standards. We will also include new and next generation concepts of software engineering, technologies, and solutions. This will allow flexibility in our technical solutions. Also, this will ensure the long term successful development and maintenance of all software applications. Furthermore, we are assisting in the building and deployment of web applications that fulfill approved business requirements and mockups. The goal here is to create, maintain, and update the web application, website, and system supporting the aforementioned requirements

Moving to Next Generation Architecture

The NISC hopes to use outside professional senior software developer services to assist in guiding, leading, and helping move forward. The goal of course is to support efforts including: application design, web application development and maintenance, consolidation and/or integration of systems, development of interfaces with other systems/services, and expansion of the system to support other program areas. Also to support data and requirements from other systems. Through moving to next generation architecture, the NISC will run applications that have enhanced efficiency, improved performances, and more.