Over the past 5 years, certain platforms have been evolving. A private client sought a high level assessment and roadmap analysis of the existing technical debt.

Problem and Solution

The private client required assistance in evaluating two types of practices. One was technical management practices, the other was data management practices. Other evaluations required included assistance in technology, management and security.

After reviewing the existing roadmap and identifying risks and impacts, Xentity completed a high level code review, infrastructure review, and various light code evaluations. Afterwards, Xentity provided our observations, findings, and recommendations to help identify the next steps. Of the aforementioned evaluations, Xentity worked in fields such as code management, the service desk, data retention, patch deployment, API design review, usability testing, security scans, and much more.

Outcome and Benefit

Through our efforts, we helped to create a new roadmap analysis to help the private client solve their existing technical debt. We also evaluated the aforementioned factors and several other fields within the same category.