The Douglas County Emergency Telephone Service Authority (DCETSA) is seeking assistance in providing Geographic Information System (GIS) services. This would assess the unique GIS requirements of participating public safety agencies. The objective is to establish a reliable system for maintaining and sharing GIS data critical for delivering 911 services to the citizens of Douglas County. This requires experience in Next Generation 911 Standards and the setup of an ArcGIS Online environment, along with the ability to address data maintenance tasks promptly.

Problem and Solution

The main issue is that DCETSA requires support in establishing the necessary framework. This will create and analyze high-quality data, ensuring its integrity for the upcoming Colorado Statewide Next Generation 911 GIS. Additionally, collaboration is required to ensure that the data schemas can be utilized by all agencies represented by DCETSA. 

Xentity will provide ETL services. First, they will extract from the e911 Database and then ensure the road segment address range assigned is to what is in the table of Landline customers. Second, they will clean the file of junk records, replace special characters, remove leading zeros, and replace hyphens. This allows the ESRI Address locator to geocode correctly. Third, Xentity will import the extract into an ArcGIS table and verify that the data is properly structured. After that, Xentity will help set up the ArcGIS online environment. This includes initial configuration and setup for access. Finally, they will validate ETSA GIS Layers.

Outcome and Benefit

Upon completion of these tasks, DCETSA will have a reliable system for maintaining and sharing GIS data involved in delivering 911 services. This system will allow the analysis and sharing of high-quality data, and allow all agencies to utilize data schemas, which will undoubtedly help improve any major needs in the future.