Pacific Spatial Solutions

An Environmental Query on Species Models

Xentity worked to perform two major tasks involving Spatial Models Application for Pacific Spatial Services (PSS).

  • Provide a web application that allows various species models to analyze green spaces throughout Tokyo.
  • Proposed green spaces are drawn in areas of interest to see how species are affected with changes to the environment.

A Green Space Analysis Application For Urban and Environmental Planning

PSS required a green space analysis application that efficiently allowed users to use habitat models to evaluate impact on species with proposed green space locations. The city of Tokyo was the initial pilot for this application. Also, Xentity designed a custom software solution that allows such. Furthermore, the models in this software show how various changes to forest, water, and parks will impact the habitation for species that have an urban impact to the environment. Also, users create projects allowing custom areas to designate to see the change between various planned developments. We built underlying technologies on CARTO and PostGIS queries with a PubSub system for notifications on background model calculations.

Outcome and Benefit

Through this application, PSS can efficiently assist in urban and environmental planning through awareness of environmental impacts. In doing so, PSS customers, such as Tokyo, can make quantitative planning decisions for habitation of species through knowledge of these changes and their impacts. While maintaining healthy species communities within the city, it also provides a well-rounded ecosystem for the citizens within those areas.