Climate Policy Initiative Logo

The Climate Policy Initiative works to improve important energy and land use policies around the world. In 2014, Xentity was tasked to maintain their annual Climate Finance Landscape website (unfortunately, now archived, but the wayback machine is our friend here). This includes statistical updates. In doing so, Xentity helped advertise one of the most comprehensive inventories of climate change investment available.

Good Websites Promote Good Missions

The Climate Policy Initiative is a climate think tank of 70 analysts and advisors that work to improve energy and land use policies around the world. It has a particular focus on finance for private and public investment in smart climate policies. Being an organization founded in 2009, this meant that a website to advertise the Initiative’s efforts. Also, results were a major necessity in order to not only report on successes, but also encourage greater efforts from public and private organizations. 

Xentity maintained the organization’s annual Climate Finance Landscape website. This included various financial statistics such as flow of funding in various segments. These segments include investors, corporate actors, and various financial institutions. The goal was to use these statistics for education on the current state of climate finance and climate change. Also, to encourage more financing for climate policy, as global funding has been dropping for such efforts.

Rising Finances and An Organization That Could Better Promote Its Mission

Recent finance numbers have shown that global climate finance continues to rise steadily. After the low of $342 billion in funding (Start of project), financing reached a high of $612 billion in 2017. The last known number was in 2018, experiencing a drop to $546 billion. Through maintaining the website, and helping promote relevant statistics, Climate Policy Initiative is better able to advertise their mission. Also, to encourage more participation from public and private organizations.