Xentity performed several tasks tying back to our national geospatial program architecture and communication services project, such as: 

  • Roadmap Development – Xentity provided segment architecture development support in Program and Product Planning, Geospatial Data Acquisition and Production Lifecycle Management, Delivery Services, and Resource Management. Development roadmap for over a dozen data products and enterprise services. Blueprint /Roadmap Development for business, systems and data following data lifecycle management.
  • Architecture Development – Developed and supported transition plan for new data services, discovery, and application delivery platform. Performed Solution Architecture Management Consulting using FSAM/MBT for analysis. Integrated 5,000 service layers to national data services and migrated over 50 points of entry. Also, saw a 10% increase of use per month in the first 5 years. Help products shift to a prioritized stakeholder-driven model to help better invest in data, product, and service content and features users want/need. Supported retirement and integration of over 100 IT assets. Conducted Operational Quality Analysis – Capacity, Availability, Continuity Analysis.
  • Management Implementation – Supported budget planning redesign to activity based costing for data production, trained new data product management model and supported organization redesign integrated previously silo’d theme management, supported design and implementation of Governance Formation, Analysis and Consulting for data products, systems, technology, and architecture, implemented new PMO and agile PM techniques. Implemented new service desk model following CMMI best practices. Performance implementation facilitation, change management and service-level management consulting.
  • Communications – Branded new Topographic products, produced 4 high-end movie quality videos for data products, supported multiple end-user workshops for requirements, standards, products, and requirements gathering. Trained on newer social media concepts and communication planning for data