Xentity has worked on a variety of different projects in 20 years of business, rendering a variety of services and solutions. In one particular case, a private client required assistance in managing their workflow for a particular service of theirs.

Problem and Solution

This private client required assistance in reducing cost per provider, improving service to providers and patients, further competitive differentiation in the market, and a decrease in providers opting for what’s known as a “Live Call” mode for a function known as “Red Team”.

Xentity rendered a wide variety of services to help this client reach their desired outcome. First, Xentity provided its usual code and data discovery, along with application design. This helped create a testing plan for a web and mobile application for later. Next, Xentity worked to design a variety of web app features. These features functionally required GUI. Particularly, Xentity worked towards a functional “Red Team” button/function on the web version. These were the new features of the aforementioned web application. Afterwards, Xentity worked towards providing iPad/iOS features, with the same overall goal regarding the “Red Team” button as before. Finally, Xentity worked to ensure the service/application had a variety of routing, audio and messaging capabilities. After that, Xentity provided revised code changes to api services.

Outcome and Benefit

Xentity’s efforts ultimately helped the client design and develop their web application with the aforementioned web app features. This ultimately helped improve its service to providers and patients. Also, it helped the app operate more functionally on both the web and on iOS.