So What Is The Point Of This Metaphoric Drivel About Cowpaths, Space Shuttles, And Chariots?

It is definitely a fair question. Aside from being a fun story, there should be a point to it all. And there are three, not unlike the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. First,Change Agents can’t come in too hot to put in new technology and abandoned the old as there are consequences. Second, Change Agents can’t come in too cold and put in new technologies just putting it in the footprint and same design footprint of the old. And finally, Change Agents need to find the transition balance between the old and new that allows the new ecosystems to be adopted and the old ecosystem to adapt.

In order to get this balance, there are three other factors standing in the way of introducing one of these disruptions:

  • Scaling – Scaling Research Readiness for solution expansion, adoption, and architecture qualities
  • Legacy – Legacy investment stakeholders agendas
  • Transition – Patterns for new investment that benefits the new solution and addresses legacy investment stakeholders

If you want to know more, read the next blog post on considering the disruption factors on an example topic. Which subsequently advances our global network keeping up with the computers to make the internet truly 21st century.