The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Esri have been working together recently to unlock CDOT’s “data’s potential.” A recent step they took was to partner for development of a brand new System of Engagement (SoE), to better integrate CDOT’s data and make it more accessible to drive business decisions from a knowledge-standpoint, rather than just gut instinct. At Xentity, we believe in putting the ‘I’ back in IT. In other words, improve the quality of data just like CDOT is attempting to. So, you can imagine this excites us a ton.

Our very own Barbara Cohn offered her input to this program. As the article puts it, Barbara “sees the ability to readily prove and support good business use cases as critical to CDoT’s continuing development.”

Below is the opening paragraph of this excellent article about improving data uses for our state of Colorado:

“Like other US state departments of transport, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDoT) is charged with maintaining road infrastructure and — most importantly — with improving safety and the journey experience for travellers. CDoT’s vision is to enhance quality of life and the environment by creating an integrated transportation network. ….Realising that knowledge truly is power, as well as a potentially significant money saver, they took a considered look at how the assets within their purview could be made to work far smarter, rather than just harder.”  Aligned with the roadmap of the CDOT CDO, the SoE is providing CDOT with new resources to optimize operations, enhance workflows, and transform raw data into actionable knowledge.  

Sounds pretty fantastic, right? If you’re interested in more, check out the link to the full article here. There is a lot to take away. However, you can read it quickly. One of our own offered her input on this. So, we have a bit of bias. However, we think the article is wonderful. And it can leave you with a lot of new knowledge about the possibilities data provides to organizations like CDOT.

At Xentity, our focus is on improving the quality of the data that exists in organizations like CDOT. So hearing groups like CDOT are working with groups like Esri to improve the quality of their data is wonderful to us. We are very excited to see how this new direction will impact CDOT in the near future.