This February 2014, Xentity Lost An Important Member To Its Family – Consuelo Arias



Consuelo Arias was our founder’s Grandmother. She came to the U.S. from Mexico during the World War II era. Consuelo strongly believed education was fundamental and that it opened so many opportunities, but you also had to earn it. She would learn English early and perfectly. Later, she trained as a nurse and then as a nurse practitioner, spending her career working at Boston area Hospitals such as Mass General. She proudly raised four children on her own, stressing the pursuit of learning and the power of education. Later in life, she adored and doted on her grandchildren, always welcoming spontaneous visits. Although she loved to travel, she never drove a car. Consuelo was devoted to professionally helping others and that frequently spilled over to family and friends. Her dry sense of humor, brilliance, and caring ways were her much-loved hallmarks.

At Xentity, Consuelo supported our early work in the private sector, learning about our impact. Very soon, she became our biggest fan. She would check in, scan and send newspaper clippings. Admittedly, she did chuckle initially in 2003 when we got into Government transformation. However as she saw our impact, she cheered us on with all the love we expected from her. In 2008, Matt sought important guidance from ‘AyAy’. He asked whether Xentity should pursue 8(a) or not. “If you can make more of an impact this way, then do it.” Consuelo responded. And as Xentity went through approval for 8(a) (eventually processed in 2010), ‘AyAy’ cheered us on.

During her later years, instead of receiving gifts or flowers, she instead insisted on donating time, money, etc. to charities such as in cancer research, animal protection, and education.

You can see a brief video that was played at Culture Jam clicking here or on the photo.

In Memory Of ‘AyAy’, Xentity Is Sponsoring A Fundraising Event Supporting Intercambio

Intercambio, a non-profit founded in 2000,  is bridging the divide in our communities – helping everyone communicate, starting with language. They educate parents, families, kids, workers. Also, they promote and sponsor ESOL (English as a Second Language) courses for adult immigrants as well as workshops in life skills, culture training, and citizenship. To date Intercambio has helped 9,000 immigrants and trained 4,400 volunteers.


They also reach out to the established community to help connect the immigrant community. Events like “Culture Jam” is just one of the those events. It celebrates the rich diversity in our community. Intercambio is a fun event, with world-renowned music with a mix that just cannot be labeled – salsa, hiphop, cumbia, funk, merengue, etc.


Celebrating the rich cultural diversity in our community, Left Hand Brewing Company is proud to host Culture Jam for its second year! Three time Grammy-Award winning Ozomatli will return to the Longmont stage, bringing Colorado together for a family-friendly evening of world class music, dancing and the arts to benefit Intercambio Uniting Communities and Longmont YMCA.

More info is on the InterCambio web site.