Big News

We have turned 10! Happy birthday to us! Feeling nostalgic, we found ourselves taking a step back into the past. Looking back over the Corporate Biography, it was amazing to see all the transformations we have been a part of supporting in design, management, or outreach over the years. Using the internet wayback machine, we also pulled up some of our old web sites. Here is a fun look back at not only how our website has changed in regards to disruptions (wiki, mobile, forums, etc.) but also how our mission and vision matured:

2014 to current

We are right now simplifying the website’s 100 pages of content and moving to a much lighter content footprint. Also, we are using HTML5 for a Responsive Web Design style for tablets and smartphones.


2011 to 2013

Focus: Multiple Audiences –  We emerged with more of a status quo messaging along with services catalogs and rate schedules for a more external audience (clients, communities of interest, industry, suppliers). In doing so, we showed ourselves as not too atypical from other small consulting firms. This allowed us to expand into multiple audiences, and not just our previous smaller market. Xentity adopted not a content-only site, but instead a collaboration platform, during this period. We moved to this wiki model to allow for a standard presence. That way, all our audiences could get more familiar with who we are. This also allowed for quick publishing, linking, and some spaces for Xentity Partner Network interaction,  such as a our Knowledge Base. Also, an Intranet where XPN members can edit, blog, comment, and access. Also, to use for project, corporate, or other content sharing and be used on mobile devices. We were still finding ways to obfuscate the wiki clutter for the “browse” audience, but we found the idea of notifications on content changes for partners, comment threads has really created a stronger, tighter knit environment for keeping up to date and in touch.




2009 to 2011

Client Purchasing Officer focused – Our flash-based brochure site from back then was really focused on our new role as a prime contractor. It allowed us to quickly get content out to contracting officers and partners. It was not really a site for new clients to familiarize themselves with us. But, the design was at least attractive.



2006 to 2008

Focus: Prime Partners – During this period, This site was used to market to prime contractors to help get familiar with our growing services. We were beginning to gain great traction in transformation success not just in architecture, but also in management and communications.



2003 to 2005

Focus: XPN Members – At this time, this site was “beta playground” for our growing network of XPN members. It was lightly used and more for technology fun getting into add-in modules concepts on creating community environments for our independent consultants in XPN. The fonts you see here are only off



2001 to 2002

Focus: None! Hard to imagine a company without a web presence to help distinguish awareness of who they are, get familiar with what they can do, and help prospective partners or clients consider buying from you. Considering the time period, this was probably the last small startup without a web presence. And when you look at that lack of web presence at the start and see how far we have come now, the difference is quite stunning. Something we are quite proud of.


So to that, we say, here is to another ten years!