Conversations usually start with “Why the Name Xentity”, which leads to this top 10 of follow-ons. So here is a top 10 list when people want to know more about :

  1. We started after September 2001.
  2. We had a prospective client, in forming stages for a new entity. Not branded, on paper, it was referred to as something like “x entity”. That fit, we were in that boat – what entity were we going to be in the new normal.
  3. No hard way to pronounce it ZEN-i-tee, CENT-it-ee, zen-ti-TEE, X-EN-ti-tee. All good.
  4. Original slogan “Transformation for the next generation”.
  5. Our original vision hit pen to paper in 2005: We believe strongly that in the world of transformation consulting, managing change, leading change, or even just handling change is what will make businesses of this century more relevant and more efficient. With that in mind, when you read our concepts and services, you will likely see our focus on helping change your entity.
  6. X entity started as outsourced CIO, Architect, Consulting services.
  7. The name X entity didn’t come until 2002 and wasn’t official until 2004.
  8. First Government work in 2003 – moving from IT modernization to business transformation.
  9. The logo has x in the center (to mark the spot), and mobius for continuous progression.
  10. Data called us as it was second fiddle to IT too long – we weren’t cool with that 🙂 . Around 2010, Geo. Open. Big. IoT data called us the most – it’s at the center of all data integration.