Our Client Persona

  • Large data programs modernizing or re-prioritizing the importance of data products and operations or creating new data assets, products, or services.
  • Government Earth Agencies requesting data life cycle subject matter expertise applied to their mission such as Earth Science, Geospatial, Natural Resource Management, Emergency/Hazards Management, Transportation, and Health Information Management.
  • Prime IT Support Service Contractors seeking gaps in data specialization such as Geospatial/GIS, Remote Sensing, Open Data, Science Data, Big Data, New Models, Visualization, Cloud, ETL, IoT.
  • New Startups or New Government Programs/Divisions needing to buy-down risk and increase value with rapid risk data and technology situation assessments and develop new operating models or architectures that align to their big thoughts, yet start small and scale fast.
  • CIO Executives executing IT Transformation assistance to help their organization model and information management practices scale and be adopted by and integrated into mission data program and agency culture and practices.

Our Services

strategy | design | development | operations | production | outreach

high-tech : big : open : geospatial : science : remote sensing : visualization : ETL : wrangling : IT

Since 2001, Xentity has provided Data and Tech Consulting and Support Services on mission problems such as this

  • We have tackled OpenData: data.gov, geodata.gov, data.colorado.gov, #GoCodeCo
  • We have examined all dimensions of geospatial data from Federal National Vector and Raster Products, State Geospatial Products, Geospatial Analytics for public safety, maps, environmental for multiple National Geospatial Programs.
  • We have used metadata about remote sensing data to improve the nation’s massive earth observation portfolio.
  • We examined new search signals in BigData environments for billions matrixed with billions of records
  • We are well-versed in complex visualizations integrating geospatial, user, transaction, marketing and procurement data, enterprise planning, scientific and geospatial data
  • We have supported leading edge crowdsourcing, gamification, and data challenge programs
  • We have done the data janitor duties – wrangled, ETL’d, managed, scrubbed, QA’d, scripted, released, DBA’d, tuned
  • We have done metadata standards, policy, administration, built repositories, and managed Records, FOIA, CPIC and EA

Our clients seek outcomes that balance mission data and enterprise tech disruptions

See how one of our clients re-invented themselves and ask “why cant you”?


Easy Contract Access

Several Contract Vehicles

We’ve invested heavily in contract vehicles to make it easy to access us

  • Certified 8(a) Company ready for Sole Source
  • Experienced as Prime Federal and State Contractor
  • Multiple GWACS and IDIQS 

Whatever the size, we can customize an engagement to meet your data challenge

Whether strategic or tactical, short or long-term, project or program, we can customize our engagements to suit your needs

  • 1 to 2 month – Demonstrate immediate value in agile workshop, sprints, and alternative analysis
  • 3 to 6 months – Execute tactical or strategic analysis or project implementation
  • 6 to 12 month – Execute Projects from definition,  design, development, transition and rollout
  • Ongoing – Support ongoing advisory, analysis, re-engineering, improvement, development, or operations