Data Program Strategy

  • Strategy Assessment & Modeling
  • Concept of Operations Development
  • Data & Geospatial Lifecycle Management Transformation
  • Segment & Enterprise Architecture
  • Branding and Outreach Strategy
  • Training & High-end Audio/Video Media Production

Data & Technology Solution Design

  • Solution Architecture
  • Product Standards and Design
  • Data Analytics and Agile Prototyping
  • Transition Planning Development & Support
  • Data & Geospatial Lifecycle Management
  • Data Security Analysis

Data Production

  • Data Operations Transition Support
  • Metadata and Data Classification
  • Data Product Generation
  • Data Transformation & Migration Analysis
  • CIO Information Management (FOIA, Records, Privacy, EA, Security)
  • Data System Administration

Xentity puts the I back in IT and GIS

Xentity is the only IT consulting firm that puts the data program first.

We do this by providing data programs strategy, design, and production services that put the desire of knowledge-driven decisions and management first. Xentity focuses our solutions and approaches on Open Data, Geospatial Data, BigData, and IoT/Remote Sensing large data programs who want to either become more efficient, transform business, and/or integrate innovations in an era of large technology-first, cost center investment approaches. Since 2001, Xentity has provided over 100 engagements and over 45 data programs in the last 3 years alone across Federal, State, Local, Education, and Commercial Clients.

Select Project Solutions

Samples of our over 100+ data engagements

Geospatial Data: We have supported dozens of Geospatial programs – State, Federal Commercial – examining data acquisition, improving production, launching service delivery, creating complex data visualizations, conducting geospatial analytics, integrating geospatial and warehouse/streams. 

Open Data:,,,, #GoCodeCo, more! We have supported leading edge crowdsourcing, gamification, and data challenge programs.

Big Data: We examined new search signals in BigData environments for billions matrixed with billions of records and created architectures for massive integrations and real-time transformations.

Remote Sensing and IoT Data: We have used metadata about remote sensing data to improve the nation’s massive earth observation portfolio and integrated data sources into asset management, performance, and more.


Over 100 Federal, State, Local, and Comercial Customers


Prime Contractors: CSRA, SGT Inc., PPC, IBM, JGMS, FirstData, CRI, Accenture, PhaseOne CG, NexGen, ASRC Federal(Vistronix)

State/Local : Colorado (CIO, CDO, GIO, Secr. of State, CDOT), Illinois ACA, New York ACA, NYC Mayor’s Office, California

Commercial: Water Utilities, Cloud Services, Geospatial Software, Engineering Firms, Recreation Companies

Our Contract Vehicles

Customize Engagements to Suit Your Needs

  • TIN 56-2323069
  • DUNS 152419722
  • Primary NAICS: 541611 (Secondary 541690)
  • CAGE Code: 4Q8L9
  • Small Business Administration 8(a) Business Development Program
  • SBA Profile
  • Certified 8(a) SDB
  • Experienced Prime Contractor
  • DCAA and Financial 3rd Party Reviewed Systems
  • GSA Schedules (IT 70, MOBIS, STARS II)
  • 12+ Government IDIQs, BPAs and GWAC Contracts
  • 20+ active contracts

 Whether Strategy, Design, or Production, our engagements can be executed in short projects to large programs and in between. Such as:

    • #1: Quick Workshop Tasks – <2 month – Demonstrate immediate value in agile workshop, sprints, and alternative analysis
    • #2: Solution Analysis – 3 months to 1 year – Execute tactical or strategic analysis or project implementation
    • #3 Supplement or Extend your Organization 1 to 5 years – Support ongoing services as extension of your organization for all our services.

Recognition & Awards

Customize Engagements to Suit Your Needs