Vision Statement

  • Put the “I” back into IT and GIS.
    • Help the IT Vendors and Programs shift value back into the data.
  • Do this by being the best data consulting and support services.
    • Focus on Large Data Programs with Earth Data challenges in Geo, Big, Open, IoT.

Our Mission

Help data programs achieve their innovation, transformation, or efficiency goals through:

  • helping adapt disruptive innovations,
  • helping architect to complex information life cycle challenges,
  • and/or helping design and operate more effective and/or efficient enterprises.

Our Core Values

  • Proactive Communication
  • Selfless Leaders
  • Lead Change
  • Accountable for Getting Results
  • Build Actionable Coalitions


Contact Us

Xentity is headquartered in Metro Denver serving clients nationwide.

14143 Denver West Pkwy Suite 100  Golden, CO 80401

Mailing Address:  PO Box 17887 Golden, CO 80402

p: 303-376-6217 – Sales
p: 303-376-6216 – Other
f: 303.376.6219

Corporate Biography

Xentity is in its 18th year of business, passing our 100th client program delivered, service in over half of the U.S. States, with over 50 people active in a given year, and a myriad of other proud client delivery accomplishments. That all said, it has been our passion for successful change initiatives for data and enterprise information programs that has driven us since day one. From bootstrap, garage operations to a true, trusted leader into a data consulting and support services.

2001 – 2006 – Incubation Phase – Xentity started more on passion, than reason. We started immediately after Sept. 11, 2001 to get people flying again. Though ironically, we knew business planning – in the 1990s, our founder interned at a Business Planning Software Product firm; yet, there was not a solid business plan. We did not even have the official name for a year  and did not even know if the experiment would work until 2004 when the LLC got setup. (BTW: Why the name “xentity”?).  (Location: Basement Build-out).

  • 2001-02 – For Travel Agency, redesigned entire eCommerce sales force automation, travel booking, and marketing team tracking. The first contract after Sept. 11, 2001 was to help get people flying again as Chief Architect/CIO at high-growth internet travel agency. Xentity is named in 2002, but not an LLC until 2004.
  • 2003 – First large commercial Sector client  – Echostar – Dish Network performing Data Integration, Workflow, Analytics which created an integrated marketing campaign tracking with product purchasing workflow increasing transaction visibility.
  • 2003 – Also, First large public sector client – Department of the Interior Enterprise Architecture.
    • 2004 – Implemented simple interface and web analysis reporting for EA program becoming repeated model for multiple Federal Departments. At EA Conference, receive with DOI EA team EGov Institute ‘Excellence in Enterprise Architecture’ Award
    • 2005 – Led effort to transform traditional CIO compliance governance into actionable, program and policy impacting effective management capabilities. Performed Training, information sharing, and EA task support with other 20 agencies on approaches, methods, and designs
    • 2006 – Methodology for Business Transformation (MBT) released and later over 15 blueprints developed. The release of MBT has helped EA change from IT state cataloging to integrating multiple design and management methods. Also, First Video produced through new Media Production capability.

2007 – 2010 – Startup Phase – Xentity began its shift from subcontracting to prime contractor investing in corporate backoffice, Federal Business management specialization, and contract management. Once receiving 8(a) in early 2010, we were awarded first prime contract within a couple months. We executed over a dozen task orders on that contract with dozen of staff and subcontracts. Our services with data program architecture consulting with geospatial and open data experience. (Location: Garage Extension Build-out).

  • 2007 – Xentity began supporting solution architecture for Geospatial Services Blueprint at USGS. Prototyped an open source BI platform integrating CPIC, EA, Security, workforce, performance, and PMO
  • 2008 – DOI and OMB lift core parts of MBT as new Federal-wide method Federal Segment Architecture Methodology (FSAM).
  • 2008 – Xentity took its 2006 investment in high-end video production partnerships and executed our first series of Government Video work replacing “death by powerpoint” and lowering travel needs progresses as high-gloss short videos become standard for mini-product storytelling for major data program.
  • 2009 – Xentity supported re-launch of solutions with strong focus on exposing free geospatial data to masses reducing costs of gov’t. Also, First International Efforts for NSDI programs.

2010 – 2013 – Corporate Growth Part I – We shifted to true Corporate institutionalizing our contract management best practices, processes, and systems internally. We began supporting half-dozen contracts in parallel. We added GWACS as prime and sub and multiple agency-wide contracts. Our goal to expand our data program consulting into adding management consulting had horrible timing with 2013 fiscal cliff and sequester put a major slow down to that. This is the point we instead opted to focus full-bore on data program consulting and support services, and pull out of marketing services that are not in that bailiwick. (Location: Current Class-A LEED Platinum space in Golden, CO).

  • 2011 – Support GSA architecture for exposing public domain Federal data and migrating cross-presidential initiatives. Initial vision efforts as well for Federal Geospatial Platform initiatives.
  • 2012 – Receive GSA Schedule.
  • 2012 – International collaboration on geospatial increases to Canada, and Australia.
  • 2012 – Began the support of a Federal-wide effort to transform massive cross-agency satellite portfolio management (active through 2017)
  • 2012 – Staff completed re-scanning of near half-million of up to century old paper-products into digital re-usable products
  • 2013 – Increased Subcontract partnerships and active partner on contracts such as CIO-SP3 (PPC) and DOI Cloud Services (FCHS) (IBM), ITS-BISS (SRA), TSSC (SGT), and more with Phase One Consulting Group.

2014 – Present – Corporate Growth Part 2 –  Our shift to data consulting and support services has proven solid. Xentity has tripled from 2014. Xentity is truly leading a strong brand in transformation in data programs and enterprises – providing a complementary services to IT-focused contractors needing the data-focused expertise. Even more projects increasing in data integration, data wrangling, data architecture, enterprise architecture, business intelligence, geospatial and remote sending architectures, and cloud migrations. Services have been expanding into more integration between Geospatial, Big Data, IoT, and Open Data. More client from Federal, State, and Local are looking to life Data into the front office knowledge arena.  Our internal systems are streamlined, with excellent well-trained, dedicated internal and delivery staff. (Location: Current Class-A LEED Platinum space in Golden, CO)

  • 2014 – Best Year yet supporting work in USGS, DOI, EPA, VA, NOAA, State of Colorado, Navy, GSA, CDC, and multiple commercial clients.
  • 2014 – Executed pioneering first-statewide challenge effort to stimulate economic development based on opendata for the State of Colorado.
  • 2014 – Developed DVD Video Campaign to help Rural Alaskan Veterans get access to their earned VA Benefits and services.
  • 2015 – Increased work in private sector at Water Utilities, Engineering firms, Software Vendors, Geospatial Services.
  • 2015 – Completed major tasks supporting Major Science Organization with heavy data portfolio in cloud migration definition and project management services. Supported new clients in USGS, NPS, USFS, Illinois, BLM, NYC, Colorado (OIT, CDOT) as well as continued support in 2014 contracts above.
  • 2016 – Increased Support Services in Open Data, Geospatial Engineering-Level Analysis, and FOIA/Records at more new Federal, State, and Local Agencies as well as supporting. New work at DOI, SEC, Douglas County, OPM, NSF, BLM
  • 2017 – Xentity is leading with concepts of how we are flipping data, information, knowledge concepts on its head (Example: Presenting at US NAS Transportation Research Board). Xentity is now executing over two dozen programs with over 50 staff in a dozen states with new work at DOI, CDOT, BLM