At Xentity, we focus on finding solutions to complex information problems. We strive to help organizations transform for the next generation and beyond. We love data. We believe the “I” in “IT” has been second fiddle for too long. Indeed, we are the only IT consulting firm that puts data programs first.

All too often, data is forgotten when organizations invest in costly IT Operations, new IT Systems, and replacing outdated IT Infrastructure. These organizations miss out on the vast potential of the data that already exists right at their fingertips, data whose value is waiting to be unlocked not isolated in silos, not integrated into visuals, maps, and decision-making tools, not shared publicly. A treasure trove of possibilities that we can bring to life, revolutionizing an organization down to its very core.

Our teams identify and adapt to our clients’ unique needs. Are they seeking to introduce disruptive innovations that fundamentally alter or augment their organizations? Do they need to design a transformation solution for looming information lifecycle challenges? Are they looking for new insights by unifying data from disparate sources? Can they achieve more effective and efficient operations by improving the management of information workflow? We do all this and more by providing data program strategies, data design solutions, and data operation services that put the desire for knowledge-driven decisions and management first.

The massive data flow brought on by the rapid advancement of computing capacity will only go faster and faster as time passes. Every day, data becomes more and more integral to any organization attempting to prepare itself for the future. In this era, we target our solutions and approaches on Geospatial Data, Open Data, Big Data, and IoT/Remote Sensing for large data programs facing Earth Data challenges that want to become more efficient, transform their businesses, and/or integrate new and exciting innovations. At Xentity, we do this by providing the best data consulting and support services available anywhere.

As a look behind the scenes – has our vision changed much over 15+ years

While our emphasis on services has grown more targeted, not much has changed since our first vision basis in 2008. We still focus on our original vision components – Change, Generations, Transformation, Science and Engineering, and Earth Science:

For better or worse, “business flux” has not been this fluid since the Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression. This is especially true in science, engineering, and information technology. So, with the help of executives seeking to take on the concept of business as usual in these fields we sought to plan, design, and discover our own “business flux” (Eg How our business constantly changes). In doing so we can better understand who we are as an organization and how to help our clients.

Our Niche is Change

We are a niche consultancy, a boutique firm if you will. We seek out and take on projects that typically align with our concepts. This is an advantage for the clients as we can bring a unique knowledge in particular subjects based on our years of experience. Also, we bring innovation in these areas by creating actionable plans and designs for our clients. 


In a world that is changing more than it ever has before, we analyze the cultural impact of organizations with you to help enable our collaboratively developed plans to be executed. We cooperatively look and design for fundamental changes and improvements in your business, with a solid background in successfully leveraging new advances in technology and management models.


All our services, work, concepts, and studies are thematic on creating executive-level change. Our approaches are published, open, and glue together industry-standard change processes. For example, the U.S. President’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB)and U.S. Department of Interior’s (DOI) Methodologies are both directly infused with Xentity approaches.

Xentity can help your company with executive-level change to transform for the long-run with a combination of short-term operational improvements and long-term tactical and strategic direction changes. This puts the executive-at-large organizations back in a model that can manage the change.

Science and Engineering

Like with science and engineering research, all Xentity research outputs are open. This maintains Client-Privacy, but many assets developed during Government efforts become citizen-property. With open-assets, Xentity certifies, trains and partners with clients on these methods, tools, and concepts.

Earth Change

Our consulting services focuses on business areas that positively impact earth change. As a consulting organization, we choose to support organizations that have a similar goals. That includes whether they be sustainability, responsibility, and quality of life. Furthermore, Xentity commits itself to bringing in top talent that has unique science, engineering, or research backgrounds to add to their strong consulting skills.

Founded in 2001, incorporated in 2004, 8(a) status in 2010, Xentity has guided clients beyond surviving the dot-bomb, helped rebrand and reposition, and helped avoid costs and improve efficiencies, all to increase their relevance. Xentity’s role is in helping clients create this true value has been in enterprise design, planning, communications and execution support.