Hot Topics from the 2016 International Data Week

International Data Week was held in Denver during the week of September 11-17, 2016. A triumvirate of three organizations including the International Council for Science Committee on Data for Science and Technology, the Research Data Alliance, and the International Council for Science World Data System brought together a week-long event. Two days of academic sessions […]

EarthCube Architecture Implementation Planning is Underway

View Original Article The National Science Foundation (NSF) has tasked the EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) with creating a detailed architecture and implementation plan from the EarthCube architecture blueprint defined at the May 2016 Architectural Framework Workshop and in discussions at the 2016 EarthCube All Hands meeting. NSF has outlined an aggressive schedule, and ESSO is working with a […]

World War II changed the US approach to architecture

Lets take the short, and hopefully not revisionist view, of post World War II US Growth. Capitalism was on the rise. US security saw its longest period of domestic peace with social unrest in equality, but not foreign. Quantity over quality was demanded to keep up with the first time in World history population doubling […]