The following are some photos of the 12-hour Video Shoot setup taken during 2 of the 4 scenes on 1/31/2009 of the Introduction to the National Hydrography Dataset video. Read the whole story at Xentity delivers first mini-documentary to Government which talks about the value of engaging communications for new stakeholders, stockholders, policymakers, team members and program employees.

After setting up the 3rd scene, the next interviewer is reviewing the shot patterns with the cameraman and director while the grip looking on verifying one of his tasks – his recent “greeking” or hiding/removing of brand names from objects in the shot.



As Jeff Simley reviews final script details with interviewee, the director checks the sound, lighting, and motion-shot setup (note the “trolley” at bottom)



Jeff Simley reviewing an instant playback and next scene setup with the director on the next-gen digitally recorded capture on the HD Monitor



A photo from outside of the 4th scene shoot as Jeff Simley is being “Mic’d up” showing the “on-set” production approval and quiet notices placed within “earshot” nearby areas of the facility



A candid of Jeff Simley in the 4th Scene during a brief shot change. Note the bright lighting setup as captured by this digital photo camera which will appear normal during the final product



After a few days of post-production editing – where compiling a minute of final product can take hours of post-production – this results

Xentity delivers mini-documentary “Introduction the the National Hydrography Dataset” to the USGS. This leverages our Flip Flop Productions capability.