Whether Strategy, Design, or Production, our engagements can be executed in short projects to large programs and in between. Such as:

  • #1: Quick Workshop Tasks – <2 month – Demonstrate immediate value in an agile workshop, sprints, and alternative analysis
  • #2: Solution Analysis – 3 months to 1 year – Execute tactical or strategic analysis or project implementation
  • #3 Supplement or Extend your Organization 1 to 5 years – Support ongoing services as an extension of your organization for all our services.

Below are some engagement examples:


Quick Workshop Tasks

You need outside advisory, designers, project managers, or subject matter experts to help get your project off to right start.

Let us help you help you get your change effort started or back on track with our two-day workshop. This effort will be a rapid implementation planning effort that will seek to get momentum for moving forward. The workshop approach focuses on gaining consensus across your team, get the common vision, high-level, concept of operations, priorities, and dependencies for key requirements and milestones, and scoping the pilot phase to demonstrate value.

The effort usually requires a few weeks of pre-project preparation with the sponsor and reach back to your team, a two-day very rapid and intense workshop effort with your core team, and ends with an action plan and all workshop deliverables polished after real-time capturing. The goal of the workshop, whether strategic, tactical, or technical in scope, will be to build a roadmap for the future to establish a clear “line of sight” from executive to users through costs, development, and support for your change. The outcome will include pilot sprint showing your vision with tangible data, application, or solution value as well as further architecture recommendations for the next phase(s).

Strawman Tasks

  • Create Project Vision and High-Level Scope – Set Vision & Phase Goals in a two-hour discovery session with primary executive stakeholder. Hold a 1/2 to 2-day workshop session with the project team to plan user stories to target for Phase and gain executive approval for the pilot.
  • Implement a phase one pilot in Agile Sprints. Our expert Agile Project teams will hold sprint planning sessions and set the plan for an agile 1 or 2-week sprint. This could be for a data and/or application or hardware/software user stories to quickly demonstrate value.
  • Execute Architecture progression analysis. Revise the pilot architecture based on the sprint outcomes. Make recommendations and alternative architecture changes for Software: (e.g., integration, technology stacks), Infrastructure (i.e., cloud, scaling requirements ), Data Service Capabilities (e.g., ETL tools, SDKs) and Data Model (e.g. Conceptual, Logical, Physical, Source Needs, Target Outputs)




You need to analyze and develop solutions to be more flexible, driving down cost, reducing cycle time, and improving services to citizens across the board. In short, you are asked to do much more with way less. Our analysis services or project solutions could execute:

  • Process Simplification and Efficiency Gains for operations or end-user burden
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Data and Information Design
  • Analyze new Architecture Concept of Operations, New Data Architectures, and impacts to consolidate and Streamline Organization Processes, Data, Systems, Technology
    • Business Strategy Development
    • Capabilities Assessment
    • Business Modernization Blueprint and Implementation
  • Design in New Operating Models for Community, Collaboration, CrowdSourcing, and building on shoulders of Giants
  • Integrated design processes that facilitate knowledge transfer and re-use between business, data, application, and technology components
    • Business Solution Design
    • Custom Lab Services
    • Integrate Pilot Efforts
  • And in include transition planning to support RFQ/RFP efforts, project implementation, and implementor/operations transition
    • Agile Project Initiation Planning Support
    • Project Risk Assessment
    • Business Transition Planning




You may require extending your organization for a few to several years. Xentity Program Management and Quality Management are scaled to support small to large teams. Whether it is in:

  • CIO (CyberSecurity, Privacy, Records Management, FOIA, Capital Planning and Investment Control, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management Plans)
  • CDO (Data Architecture, Data Executive, Communication, Analysts, Program Management Office, Solutions Advisory)
  • Data Operations (Data Management Analysis,  Data Production Support, Information Management Support)
  • Project Reachback (Application Development, Communications, Data Products, Geospatial Data Products)