For the year of 2012, Xentity Corporation has been ranked again in the Hispanic Business Top 500. Xentity moved 18 places up in ranking to #466. They are also 1 of 8 businesses referenced from Colorado, and the only company in Golden. The year before, there were only 10 companies ranked in Colorado, and Xentity was the only company based in Golden, Colorado.

The Hispanic Business Top 500 list has been tracking and ranking Hispanic Businesses for 30 years now. As noted on, Hispanic Business’ research staff gathered data for a listing of the 500 largest Hispanic-owned companies in the United States. They gathered the list from a company profile form returned by the companies themselves. Companies included in the 500 must show at least 51 percent ownership by Hispanic U.S. citizens. They also must maintain headquarters in one of the 50 states or Washington, D.C. Principals must be U.S. citizens. Companies must submit revenue figures based on line 1(c) of their corporate/partnership tax return. The revenue figure must be submitted on a signed form. That form must be verified by the CEO, CFO, or a CPA representing the company.