There is plenty you can learn about an area, just by looking at its maps. And no, I am not just talking about locations like the best place to get a bite to eat. I am talking about history. You can really understand the history of a place, when you look at the historic maps that are available to you, and it is all thanks to free public domain data. Public domain data is information that is free for public use, like online maps.

Doing some light examination of the Denver West area (Lakewood, Golden, in Colorado.), the following historic maps and imagery, referenced below, are just two aspects of free public domain data. There is so much more beyond imagery and maps, and even more maps and more imagery (i.e. MODIS, LANDSAT, other NASA products). So if you think you are up to the task, read on, and learn a little more about the Denver West area through its historic maps.

Historic Maps

Below, we see USGS Topo Map that are 1-meter Quads and clockwise:

*Please note that not all maps may download due to firewall or internet-security reasons. For more information, please visit this link.

Golden – Download – 1939194219441957


6 Different dates for 15 Quads 1939-1965

Arvada – Download – 19411944195019571965


5 Different dates for 12 Quads 1941-1965

Morrison – Download – 19381942194719571965


5 Different dates for 11 Quads 1938-1965

Fort Logan – Download – 1941194819571965


4 Different dates for 8 Quads 1939-1965

Historic Imagery

Historic Imagery typeYearMetadataThumbnail (Actual Files range from 20-200 MB)
Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQs)1994
  • Entity ID: DI00000000912683
  • Acquisition Date: 23-SEP-94
  • Map Name: FORT LOGAN
  • State: CO
National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP)1988
  • Entity ID: NP0NAPP001033224
  • Coordinates: 39.8125 , -105.03125
  • Acquisition Date: 10-JUL-88
National High Altitude Photography (NHAP)1983
  • Coordinates: 39.671135 , -105.043794
  • Acquisition Date: 25-JUN-80
  • Scale: 120400
Download ~30MB file

Space Acquired Photography
Single Frame Records

Black-and-white, natural color, and color

infrared aerial photographs

400 or 1,000 dpi.

  • Entity ID: AR1VEQP00010142
  • Coordinates: 39.688989 , -105.053705
  • Acquisition Date: 01-SEP-78
  • Scale: 78000
Aerial Photo Mosaics (Used when creating early/mid-USGS Topo Maps)1953
  • Entity ID: ARDDA001260930776
  • Coordinates: 39.5 , -105.5
  • Acquisition Date: 25-SEP-53
  • Scale: 63299
Download the 30MB file

High Resolution OrthoImagery (Corrected – Generally .3 meter, color)2002 – HistoricOrthoCoverageAreas.kml
Declass 1 (1996) Stereo Images1965
  • Entity ID: DS1027-1015DA011
  • Coordinates: 39.69 , -104.516
  • Camera Resolution: Stereo Medium
  • Acquisition Date: 10-DEC-65
Declass 2 (2002) Stereo Images1966
  • Entity ID:DZB00403500080H001015
  • Coordinates: 42.49 , -103.45
  • Acquisition Date: 10-DEC-66
  • Camera Resolution: 2 to 4 feet