Are you curious as to what is involved in our screening and interview process? Do you have questions such as: Will I get a call back? When will I get a call back? Do I call you? How long do I wait before I call you? Also, how many interviews? And how can I prepare?

OK, I Applied, Now What?

Great, your resume has been logged, filed, and notifications have gone out to hiring decision makers. There are two types of job postings and three types of next steps.

First, The Two Types of Job Postings

We are either looking for an immediate hire or we are not. Each particular job posting will say just what kind of hire it is.

From There, Three Types of Next Steps

The types of next steps you have to take ultimately depends on the posting of the job. Also, whether you are screened as a fit or not. Regardless of what steps you end up taking, please note that we start the resume screening process immediately. Hiring managers are notified immediately when you click submit. While undergoing this part of the process, do note that we receive a high volume of resumes. As such, we look for the best matches of capabilities, skills, passions, and of course, availability.

1)  If we are looking for an immediate hire and you are screened as a fit, you will receive a call at the times you noted on your application.

2)  If we are looking for an immediate hire and you are not contacted, you will not receive a call nor email until the position is filled.

3)  If the posting is not an immediate hire, just be patient. We do have the capability for you to enter your email and check the status of the position if you are interested.


Regardless of what the next step is, once a final decision has been made, the position will be closed. Afterwards, you will receive an email to at least keep you posted on our decision. If we do not select you to move forward, we will keep your resume on file for future positions.

Regardless of what the next step is, we will likely not contact you for anywhere from 30-120 days. Our goal for these type of job postings is to build a pool of strong candidates who are searching for new opportunities, or who may already have a job, but are looking for a career growth option and are being selective in their search.

Keep in mind, on these positions, you can reach out to us, but be creative when you do. Wee get lots of calls, emails, resume. So if you do that, think of a valuable mutual outcome that will differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates.

Our Interview Approach Will Seek To Learn Five Simple Things To Discover And Attract Great Leaders Of Change:

    • We want to discover your passion for change and growth
    • Understand your leadership and management capabilities
    • Test your domain and subject matter skill set.
    • Allow you the chance to get to know us your way
  • And we want to derive a valuable compensation package

Through This Our Interview Process, We Believe We Are Finding Good People

  • We attract great people through our projects.
  • Through our compensation model, we retain amazing talent.


    • Upon applying, you may receive a phone call for a short logistics screening to discuss availability, validate your information, few high-level position questions
    • After that, if we proceed, you will be scheduled for an interview up to 2 hours to demonstrate and discuss previous deliverables, conduct and review technical exercise, and answer questions you may have
    • Sometimes for larger projects, we may ask your to participate in a group interview and luncheon where you perform a team exercise with other candidates and have a chance to interact with Xentity Employees and Executives or potentially client executive interaction.
  • Finally, if we are ready to consider a job offer, a final interview and assumed signing session would occur up to one hour for a presentation of the role, career growth plan, final questions, and compensation package.

Depending on the number of position requirements, positions, candidates, and requisitions involved, the logistics process can be long and may take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months.

If you have passed our screening process, and would like to know more, you will be granted further access to the candidate intranet, and are encouraged to take additional time to review the mid-level process on.

Do You Want To Know More?

If there is anything we missed, feel free to revisit our careers page. As a data-consulting firm, we do believe in the importance of knowledge, so try to learn as much as you can throughout your application process. Whether you are brought aboard or not, you can still take away plenty of knowledge that you can use for future endeavors.