Henry Wang

Henry Wang

Technology Architect Senior Consultant

With great sorrow we announce that our friend and colleague, Henry Wang passed away on November 8, 2014,  losing his battle with Leukemia. Henry impacted many of us at Xentity, teaching us values, leadership, and impact.

In 1999, he was both my director and mentor while working on projects for United Airlines, Star Alliance, Navigant International, and more. At the time, I was a part of Sapient Corporation. He helped me grow my architecture skills in communication, patterns, capacity planning, issues triage, deducing client needs into concepts, and much more. More importantly, he taught principles of values, ethics, and leadership. One of the great premises Henry provided was: “to get to the value of what someone needs, think one level higher than you thought you needed, and you may get it.”

We traveled weekly together. Our travels took us between places like Boston and Chicago, Boston and Denver, Denver and Memphis, and plenty more, for months. He provided valuable knowledge, and over time, would have that knowledge reciprocated. Then, Henry and I nearly perished on September 11, 2001. However, practically the day before, we experienced a miracle. The UA 175 Boston to LA flight plans were changed a day due to pushing a meeting. Two weeks later, Xentity was founded, after conversations with him, family, and very few others. Henry’s guidance made a huge impact in this great leap.

Later in 2002, Henry joined Xentity’s first project in travel sector as an independent consultant himself. From there, a mutual partner saw his talent and he became the CIO at OneTravel. We kept in close touch over the years. I saw his kids grow, he saw my family grow, we discussed business like nothing ever changed. Even when we caught up in Texas, Boston, or recently over gchats while he was in the hospital, our discussions on transformation, life, family, faith, leadership, and more carried on like we were still traveling together.

Those times will be missed by us, and his family.