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AIM’s Aim

The Aquatic Information Management’s data modeling initiative developed a process/workflow  and data model for the Assessment, Inventory and Monitoring (AIM) program  of ecosystem scientists. These scientists collect, QA, and make accessible all AIM data collected by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and its contractors. Xentity worked to develop the process and database modeling for the Assessment, Inventory and Monitoring program

A Single Data Model For Information Sharing

The program required improvements in information sharing from disparate organizations and physical datastores to improve program delivery. More specifically, BLM and AIM required a review of existing data management solutions. After evaluating the many data management solutions already in use, the team developed a single, complete and business architecture including the workflows with business rules and the supporting  logical data model.

The models met BLM modeling standards and were designed for XML exchange standards. This created a single logical data model, complete with data documentation. It also included the ability to identify key fields for relationships, business rules and definitions of entities and attributes. We also included an entity relationship diagram, physical data model(s) in both diagram(s) and in XML format. Also included were schemas for implementation of the actual database(s), and any crosswalks or reporting models.

An Improved Workflow Process

The analysis provided the necessary solutions. Also, the development of the integrated workflow processes integrated with the database design. Furthermore, we provided the basis for a geospatial application development and delivery services transformation into a more efficient model used for a variety of cultural resource applications.