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Over the past several years, much has changed concerning the landscape of relevant geospatial technology and data policies. All of which impact the DOI and the national geospatial community. These driving forces include the Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act. This act codifies government open data requirements. It also tightens the relationship between the government open data community and geospatial practitioners across the government. The DOI Geospatial Strategic Plan, last updated and released in 2021, serves as a north star for supporting the Department in its efforts to use geospatial data and technology to execute its broad mission, and to remain compliant with requirements of the Geospatial Data Act and other relevant policies and requirements. Governance and strategic planning are important to the success of the DOI geospatial community. However, it is perhaps even more important to ensure that these ideas and objectives are turned into actions.

Problem and Solutions

The DOI Geospatial Advisory Committee (GAC), made up of representatives from each bureau within the DOI, and chaired by the DOI GIO requires addressing the update and further development of GAC Governance and strategic planning documents to facilitate the advancement of the DOI geospatial program and its community. Xentity started by helping to review existing geospatial policies. Next, they developed a DOI Geospatial Advisory Committee Charter. Furthermore, they developed a DOI Geospatial Strategic Plan. Finally, they developed a GAC Work Plan.

Outcome and Benefit

The committee charter was refreshed and revised to reflect the current requirements and priorities of the Department. Xentity’s support for GIO and the GAC in updating the Strategic Plan ensured that the documentation and goals of the Chief Data Officer, and the FGDC are incorporated. Finally, by utilizing information developed and collected during the execution of all tasks on this project, Xentity developed a Work Plan for the GAC and Departmental Bureaus and Offices.