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The LWCF Program’s Existing Database.

The LWCF program has an existing database used to capture grant information. The National Park Service (NPS) needs support services for its ongoing recreation information management database. It needed to include general operation and maintenance to the web-based system supporting the administration of LWCF state assistance program. The NPS would also like to have a modernization assessment conducted to document the current state of the system. Also, to outline several alternatives one of which being the recommended target state.

Xentity lead database and application O & M for major applications with GIS data. The team analyzed opportunities to take advantage of more unstructured and GIS data, manage content and lat/long and bounding box entries in a SQL Server database. They also designed and developed geospatial and chart views. Xentity also executed project management 6 staff and ran help desk work with well defined help desk practices and acceptable response criteria.

Customized ADP Support Needed

The NPS required customized automated data processing (ADP) support and maintenance for the management of the LWCF financial assistance programs. The system was developed by NPS and has users of various backgrounds and abilities. 

The first major task was a modernization assessment of the LCWF Database. Xentity assessed and documented the existing functional and information requirements of the current system. Also, they reviewed the requirements and workshop participant needs, evaluated them using best practices, refined the requirements and identified gaps in capabilities. Finally, they developed the target recommended architecture for the future LWCF application based on the requirements and gaps uncovered in the activities one and two. The second task was database system maintenance and operation. Xentity supported operations. They also provided critical updates and system maintenance to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) web-based data system. 

Targeted Application Architecture

The Xentity team used the existing business process and information requirements and gaps derived from best practices and user interviews to develop a target LWCF application architecture. The team also used the architecture tools and methods conformant to the NPS / DOI approaches and documented the system. The team developed recommendations to improve business processes and workflows.