Video Production

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is the principal domestic mapping agency of the Federal Government. It is responsible for the administration of the National Geospatial Program (NGP) under which multi-purpose maps and digital cartographic and geographic data are produced. The USGS has submitted a Request for Quotation for the Support for the creation of several Audio/Visual products from Xentity. This was due to our status as an 8(a) business (at the time) development program leader within the federal sector.

The USGS sought Xentity out for its Video Production capability to support a goal to create the “story to tell” about its data products. Xentity produced multiple 3-5 minute videos for Hydrography, Introduction to the National Map, Elevation, US Topo, and Land remote sensing requirement rationalization vision as well as an implementation plan. On initial release, these high-end videos were in the Top 10 views for all of USGS (and used on a variety of platforms). The solutions changed the paradigm from powerpoint to engaging stories introducing the value, stakeholders, use, and future vision of these critical datasets.

New Media For Demonstration in Need of Creation

In 2008 the USGS team requested new media for a demonstration for the incoming administration. In response, members responsible for NGP Product and Services requested any multimedia or audio/visual communication materials from the staff, especially for The National Map (TNM) products. They soon observed that the communication products had no attention-grabbing “story to tell”. 

Xentity coordinated with NGP leadership, targeting the prototype initially for a $1,500/minute video. Meanwhile, they established a repeatable process for USGS NGP, creating templates to follow in the process. For the level of product discussed, prices typically can be $3,000/minute, and more. Xentity could achieve this target price point because the process was standardized, repeatable, and scope was managed. Also, Xentity’s streamlined production process–after receiving the raw script–delivered in six weeks a USGS visual ID compliant, high mission quality communication tool using Xentity’s unique production management and capability methods.

A second video was requested for Xentity to support under the rules of existing tasks, which removed the 33% reduction in production effort. This added in more production shoot material. It also accelerated production shoots, including raw script development support, and added on-site travel. This created a unique video that premiered at the 125th Topographic Mapping event. It is also the headliner video for The National Map program. This second video, and first official full production model, received high marks. On Youtube alone, the videos have received over 7,000 unique views. This does not include the multiple hours and days of conference support. Also, the improvement of consistent key messages, and uncounted views on the USGS hosted web site. Below are more links on Xentity’s video-making efforts. 

Two Videos To Help Advertise USGS

Deliverables provided are duplicable and reproducible by USGS without restriction or royalty cost. This changes if the USGS uses actors as part of the video production. It has a royalty if one distributes the video over television channels or certain large venues. Further details can be provided. At this time Xentity has not bid for video production work to include actors. 

The benefits of this approach could replace conference travel costs, create repeatable, attention grabbing messages, create initial awareness and introductory level training for uses, reach new audiences could not have reached before (i.e. via self-service media viewing), use for Rollout of Products Enhancements/Revamped, and, as initially conceptualized, help in executive education for new leaders to learn about the complicated nature of large programs such as NGP in a simple, easy method.