Pacific Spatial Solutions

PSS and Vantecs Need For a Skill

Pacific Spatial Solutions is a spatial solution-provider based in Japan. Also, Vantec is a provider of worldwide transportation services. Through VoGo, Xentity set up and configured a Japanese ‘Skill’ used by Vantec to evaluate the technology for their truck drivers.

Configuration Support

Vantec and PSS required configuration support for this project. The goal was for Vantec to make use of the Voxley voice service. Also, set up interactions for remote data connections and a REST service to proxy SQL queries. Furthermore, to configure database and REST connectors. Finally, set up overall queries.

Xentity and VoGo helped set up the actual ‘language’ Skill and the REST proxy to the private database. In doing so, Xentity delivered an Alexa Skill usable for 90 days after completing beta testing. PSS helped in translation and helped Vantec add any needed data for geospatial questions.

Help For Vantec

Though the Skill was not publicly published, it accomplished its main goal, helping Vantec evaluate the technology for their truck drivers. As a worldwide service provider, it was imperative for Vantec to have a configured ‘Skill’ in the Japanese language. The efforts provided here accomplished exactly that.