Need to Rebrand

In 2010, National Geospatial Program (NGP) communications were analyzed and issues were found regarding how users perceived the The National Map (TNM) brand. Consequently, NGP would like to rebrand TNM in order to better communicate that TNM is the source for their mapping data. NGP would also like to improve communications with users so that they can demonstrate the new and innovative functionality that is being produced.

Issues With the Brand in Need of a New Strategy

Within this issue involving the perception of the TNM brand, NGP discovered a few other issues. Currently there are naming inconsistencies across products and services. Non-uniform logo treatments and content. Some elements on the website are negatively impacting the TNM brand.

Because of this, Xentity supported the creation of a communications strategy for a dozen national geospatial framework datasets. The first year was to design and create the strategy. Then, the second year was to transition and monitor the effect of the resulting communication products. Tasks included:

  • Developing a strategy for the successful communication of Products and Services of the National Geospatial Program, with a focus on TNM.
  • Developing a Communications Product Plan for TNM Products and Services with optional integration of all National Geospatial Program Products and Services.
  • Assisting in informal and formal rollout of product and services in the communications facilitation capacity.
  • Producing a coordinated suite of outreach materials for each individual communication product or service outlined in the communications product plan. The role for production of such is doable within this SOW. Or instead, coordinated via other sources such as USGS Office of Communications or other existing resources.
  • Supporting specific products such as web site development, product branding, conference events, product slick sheets, deliver product management training, and document consulting advice.

An Increase in Brand Name Recognition

Our support in the creation of a communications strategy helped address several issues, creating several improvements. The strategy helped increase brand name citing. It addressed the relationship of parent and child products/services. In doing so, it helped show how to make the messaging across the board consistent. Also, it increased awareness of TNM products and services. And finally, it was able to leverage brand loyalty to specific TNM products.