Intelligent Territory and Mapping Capabilities Needed

A private sector company required a tool to evaluate performance and optimization  for their intelligent territory mapping capabilities. We provided a cloud-based web application solution to do just that. This web-based solution is a step to move beyond the limitations of the existing platform.

Simple-To Use Maps and Data Interfaces

Territory planning for large organizations is no small feat. It requires a simple-to-use map and data interface. These must be capable of exploring specific themes and leveraging analytics that reach into additional complex queries in income, penetration housing, customers, competition, and many more facets. This even includes additional third party and custom assets. Furthermore, the tool needs to allow for change scenarios to explore what happens if a facet changes to uncover changes in regional coverage. Also, in expanding new coverage, splitting or merging units and regions and integrating with legacy reporting for generating maps, summaries, and reports. Furthermore, using these types of analytics helps regional planners help forecasting accuracy. Finally, they increase and optimize utilization, revenue, user/customer reach and cost margins.

In response, Xentity established best-in-breed cloud infrastructure in AWS Cloud Services. Our solution leveraged PostGIS, SQL, CARTO, CartoCSS, Mapnik, and NodeJS solution to create a custom MapLayer Library and GUI interface to meet user story needs to support the tool. We created a backlog of enhancements, performance optimizations and a findings report. Also, we created the next steps for continued development. This also helped as we transitioned action items and recommendations to their internal development team. 

A Solution Used By Fortune 500

The product is now a featured flagship solution as part of our client’s portfolio. The solution is used by Fortune 500 companies and SMBs alike with large or rapidly growing territories. Additional recommendations included a larger vision of going beyond WYSIWYG and change planners. Also, call planning, staff routing optimization (e.g. the traveling salesman challenge), support for a multi-model and on the road with off-line capabilities. Finally, customer feature tracking for enhancement product management lifecycle guidance. Xentity was proud and happy to partake in the creation of this solution.