Regarding business practices, commercial Small businesses often need as much advice on proper practices than large businesses. Here at Xentity we’ve supported an array of small businesses to actively confront this fact. In supporting these smaller organizations, Xentity has implemented a concept that allows qualified small businesses to receive our services at an affordable cost with rewards based on performance. Simply put: Xentity profits ONLY when you meet your goals.

Small Businesses are selected for support based on leadership potential and examination of the first 6 planning steps, which are as follows:

1 – Conduct business/organization readiness interviews

2 – Collaborate on the development of your asset/liability plan

3 – Collaborate on the development of your debt payment/capital plan focusing on getting to “no” bad debt

4 – Develop and help you commit to monthly expenses/income/cash flow plan

5 – Discuss and establish your products and services rate, margin, and profit objectives/targets

6 – Create/Review a business and marketing plan


Xentity has a partnership with various small business financial advisors for maintaining new financial investment plans.

After the plans are established, which typically occurs over a 90-day period or in a 2-day rapid planning workshop, Xentity will document the basis for the business plan and the easiest possible percentage-based performance pay for services based on financial, performance, and execution-level expectations including incentives and disincentives.

If the plan and our services can improve profit margins, cost savings or avoidance via new models, process changes, the application of best practices, workforce mentoring, integration, transformation, and modernization, then the performance pay would kick in. If not, after each 90-day evaluation, the performance and plan can be adjusted appropriately. This gives the client ample opportunity to assess whether Xentity’s approach works within the client’s culture as well as time to complete internal organizational readiness evaluations of the client. All of Xentity small business partners listed in the portfolio of work have taken advantage of this approach.

Please feel free to contact if interested in learning more. Below are small examples of the various kinds of businesses we have offered and provided our services to over the years.

  • Hollywood Comedian/Writer: Media, Branding, Promotion
  • Local Denver Fence Companies: Online Marketing Implementation,
  • Business Planning Software Company: Testing and Support
  • Boston-Based Widget Company: Online Marketing Strategy
  • Montana-Based Tour Company: Online Development
  • Dallas-based Travel Company: Chief Architecture
  • WorldWide Media Exchange Company: Architecture Consulting
  • Massachusetts Software Company: Business Planning Software Testing, System Support
  • Local Non-Profit Sports Programs: Leadership and Training
  • Local Non-Profit Museums: Project Management and Architecture Strategy
  • Eye Care Business Management Start-up: Business Planning, Architecture and Implementation Facilitation