Generations – Transformation – Science And Engineering – Earth Change

Since 2001, our core concepts have driven our approach in helping our clients excel. We’ve built our change philosophy on four-core transformation design concepts:

  • Generations – We cooperatively design for fundamental, forward-looking change factors in your business
  • Transformation – We support executive leaders in transforming their big visions into actionable, pragmatic plans and designs
  • Science and Engineering – Our consultants are data science and engineering subject matter experts with executive experience in organizational development
  • Earth Change – We design for physical factors on people, natural resources, infrastructure, and policy impact balancing policy decisions, developing responsive organizational models and business solutions. This further includes applicable technology use and demonstrating business progress building towards sustainability, responsibility, and quality of life.

Understanding “Line Of Sight” To Achieve Transformation Across Generations


A transformation effort may start with strategic business drivers, looking for process efficiency, cost savings, better utilization of resources, or looking at ways to make a product or service more highly relevant.

Our transformation and analysis approach, leveraging enterprise and segment portfolio information and collaborations, looks to help understand your directive and motivating factors, immediate and mid-term. Furthermore, the goal being to help derive the right implementable and relevant architecture, transition plan, and implementation guidance.

Also, our transformation model is built on developing and iterating upon your line of sight and building towards a better understanding of your project, program, line of business, segment, and enterprise.

Read more on how the open Methodology for Business Transformation approach was developed.

Our Methodology And Training Focuses Transformation Leadership

Leadership can help improve customer effectiveness and efficiency by proactively managing risk and delivering results.  They do this through strong, facilitated execution and leveraging the economics of existing or new product lines and services. In working with customers, Xentity provides integrated oversight of the parts that need to be connected, understood, and communicated prior to significant technology and consulting services investments. This approach enables Xentity to understand the value of opportunities, the risk, determine mitigation strategies, and support customer awareness on how to realize recommendations. Once decisions and investments have been made, Xentity utilizes strong communication and project management skills to facilitate change. The methodology work we developed has been so successful that is has been recognized and adopted as a Federal Government best practice by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

In short, these concepts stem from looking at External Pressure Trends observed in working with our executive clients. To some this may seem a bit dramatic, but consider the following factors happening globally:

  • World Population has doubled in a generation
  • Looming U.S. brain drain
  • Legacy physical resources are reaching their limits
  • Sensationalizing without context to masses
  • Rapidly Changing consumption patterns
  • Faster Global Transactions
  • The looming question of whether Moore’s Law is too fast
  • Shorter Term Policy
  • Misaligned Investment
  • Data Analysis Obsession
  • The call for too much or the wrong data
  • Longer Term Impacts and Longer Time to Market.

We Support Our Clients In Making Designs That Consider The Needed Scope

Before we engage, we evaluate these anti-patterns and trends to better understand what causes failure, delay, trepidation towards what we require. With that, we tailor engagements with:

  • Reasonable transition based on their mission needs and investment plans
  • Analyze what is reusable in management techniques, change management, governance, and an overall portfolio
  • Understand gaps and risks, and provide solutions and services to government compliance, response, and business support
  • Help vet transformation recommendations into acquisition, triage, planning, and designing language and principles
  • Build designs, architectures, and plans that breed tactical success for management and implementers towards desired strategy
  • Strategically layer in various, and possibly overkill change communication techniques, such as:
    • Manage the flow of new knowledge across the organizational influencing personas
    • Understand the transformational chess or Sun-Tzu nature of influence and decisions
    • Use tools that help differentiate efforts from emails and websites such as videos, push media, and socialization and collaboration.
  • Transition, educate, and grow skills of organization and implementation teams to be able to successfully implement the design and manage the complicated compliance nature of large government or commercial projects

It Is A Lot To Take In, But…

We are proud that we have strived to learn so many various concepts. It means we can aid more of our clients who are struggling, and that is why Xentity exists in the first place. We do this because we want to be your support, and the best support is almost always the smartest support.