A large majority of consulting companies struggle with the design and implementation phases of their projects. This is mainly due to a conflict that arises between these two parts. Though profitable for many firms, the best design can end up biased towards the agenda of the implementer which may be to sell more components, get more bodies on the project, etc. Now, Xentity has the capability to implement architecture. However, our end goal is not to design an architecture that is for us to implement, but an architecture that is implementable. In other words, we want to give the design a reason to be biased towards the implementer, by focusing on making it implementable first and foremost.

Many times a client knows that the implementer will design with a bias. So, the client chooses to or must design blind without considering the maturity of what an implementer can provide. In those cases, we can come in as solution architects. We can also be a third party to help create the concept, design, requirements, and scope of work.  This approach, along with our other services, can buy-back risk to your implementation and increase the likelihood of achieving your metrics and goals.

Our Services

  • In developing an IT Architecture, we can design and not implement. All our designers come with deep experience in implementing. Also, we can, as independent designers, provide the best design recommendations without bias for implementation
  • In Management Consulting, we can design stand-up program management, execute a program management or governance support in lieu of existing support, or transition to existing support
  • In FedBiz, we train, support, and consult implementers on federal business management. That way, they can focus on delivering a solid implementation. Quality contractor support to implement a design, project, or program is hard to find. Compliant, Responsive, Reliable is even harder in Government space
  • In Communications, we help promote the transformation effort by engaging leadership and staff
  • In Research, we continually re-invest in new models, patterns, and constructs that go back into our designs

But Back To The Subject At Hand

Which begs the question, why do we do it? Simply put, we are all in trouble if there are not good implementers or integrators to implement the designs we develop. So, it is more important for us to see the transformation designs move forward. Which consequently puts the focus on making the designs implementable first and foremost. Again, we know that designs are biased towards the implementer. As such, we want to use that to our and your advantage.