During the same week Xentity Team members presented on the data.gov and geoplatform integration vision at the International Data Conference. We had the opportunity to hold an information sharing exercise. Also, a whiteboard session with FGDC and data.gov executive sponsors to answer the question: What does geodata.gov mean to data.gov?

In this session, we covered various user stories on the haves and have nots for the current data suppliers. Also, we explained just what our analysis is suggesting data users want. Also, how they want to access the data that holds their wants. Finally, we had discussions on how data.gov and geoplatform.gov can work with agencies to get these services funded and how geoplatform could serve the community.

The following graphics capture a series of potential services that agencies may be requesting from geoplatform.gov as it unfolds. As the concept of geoplatforms are for agencies to build services as it sees fit, geoplatform.gov becomes more of the conveyance, governance, and service provider. They also consider how the actual services unfold and proceed.