As we discuss on our solutions page, the Internet has put data at our fingertips. Geolocation. Services. Sensors. Lots of it – Big.  This Geo, Open, Big, IoT (GOBI) Data is changing needs for planning, monitoring, decision making, modeling, predictive, advisors. Compute and Storage is enabling this fast and cheap. Fast and Cheap runs counter to making this FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable . Too many formats, silos, rules, volume. Our Solutions shift workforce away from manual and time-consuming data collection to higher value analysis, modeling, and decision support.

As a way to leapfrog clients, our clients take advantage of our leading advancements in data platform progression at the highest levels in all industries. Combined with some investments at Xentity in cloud native serverless data aggregation, integration solutions, exploring our efforts in Open Source compared to licensed models – either migration to or improved use of their licenses investments. Our architectures establish more containerization, ITIL and DevOps (some cases DevSecOps) management. Our solution expands clients from traditional data flows into geospatial and open data integration with expansion into big data models, real-time data hub and data lake solutions.

We talk about our solutions, why we do what we do, what we’re capable of doing, but frankly, we haven’t spent enough time giving examples. But, we’re doing it right now. And we’ll be doing it through the time-honored SEO-related tradition of backlinking through the website.

Applications and Examples Categorized By Our Data Types

Geospatial Data

Open Data

Big Data

All Data

Notable Partnerships

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • ESRI
  • Hexagon

What to Expect Moving Forward?

Veteran viewers of our website may notice that a lot of this content is pulled directly from our solutions page, with a bit more context added to it. Data itself doesn’t exactly mean much without context behind it, so we’re taking this opportunity to add some context to our own ‘data’. And we certainly have not shyed away from writing blogs solely dedicated to linking to other pages on our website for the sake of providing more context to our work. Our entire ‘Story of Xentity’ series had a very similar layout.

This, however, is only part 1. If you have spent enough time on the website, you can probably guess what the next several parts are dedicated to. Coming soon will be more parts in our series of blogs in the applications/examples/uses of our solutions. Each part dedicated to one of our major solutions touched on in our solutions page.